Dispatches from the desk of John MacMillan

My neologisms for 2013

neologism-definitionIn my stoical universe, what was is past and what lies ahead is life’s adventure [good Gawd, what rubbish. ed.], but I bust that ethos near the end of each year, and gobble up the best (and worst) films, books, music, events and other folderol. Call it a guilty pleasure.

Sometimes I create my own best-of list, and this is one of those:  new words that I have crafted in 2013. Some I’ve scribbled into my omnipresent Moleskine notebook; some are just lodged into my mind after frequent use. Here they are:

“fauxpology” (noun): 1) an insincere apology that loses its meaning and verges into annoyance, after being heard for the umpteenth time; 2) the “we apologize for the inconvenience” coda in the hourly stoppage announcements from the Toronto Transit Commission; 3) most press conferences in 2013 from Mayor Rob Ford.

“boshawa” (noun): 1) incorrect assumptions about life (and work…) in a certain city in the Greater Toronto Area [see “blississauga”]

“nonsultation” (noun; adjective): 1) the practice of seeming to consult the public or customers on a decision that has already been made; [see “insultation”].

Rodgering” (tr. verb): 1) vigorous copulation, often anally; 2) the vigorous purchase of all media rights in a national sport for a period of 12 years, often anally.

“clouded” (adjective): 1) a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air, usually at an elevation above the earth’s surface; 2) befuddled, confused, a mind filled with worry; 3) an invisible collection of all of my music and writing, suspended in the Internet, that fills my mind with worry.


That’s all for now. I’m off to buy a new Moleskine.


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