Dispatches from the desk of John MacMillan

About Mac

Here’s what you see on John MacMillan’s desk in Toronto, Canada:

  • A file of short stories, some published, one award winning.
  • A folder of scripts and photos from his comedy shows and monologues.
  • A photo of his wife, Gabriella.
  • A file with tear-sheets and notes on the ubiquity of the number 27.
  • A map of Taiwan, and a Mandarin phrase book, for the book he’s writing on his missionary-grandfather.
  • A model of the Challenger space shuttle (because he’s a space nerd) and a microscope (because he’s a science nerd).
  • Dog-eared copies of “Ulysses” & “Brideshead Revisited” and, sitting on top of it all, his sleeping cat, Iggy.

Comments on: "About Mac" (6)

  1. hi johnny mac, thanks for the card big guy i loved it what a surprise. will i see you soon anytime soon in k-town im off last week of june was thinking of coming down to see you and ian and the others who got me into the big rc. if you get a chance go to archives at cfrc.ca and listen to the stay at home gala i told steve about my pirate radio station oh ya forgot to tell ya im on fri sat sun for an hour if your ever down this way we could do a show. i remember clear as a bell you going into the lounge and putting 45s on and talking up to the vocals you were great and still are.go to my website jayebee.ca you can hear me on sanfrans70shits.com i do ids in between songs no pay but its cool that im on the net finally i want to do voiceovers for a living but in the meantime i work for the govt too you know at the casino here boring job cleaning but it pays the bills gotta go stop now but get back johnny mac great radio name man you should have used it on 960ckws when you did sports oh yes i remember that too you working pt at the station on weekends later man get back jb on the big rc sat noon to 2 cfrc.ca….

  2. Wayne Vermette said:

    Hi John

    When Jim read his card from you on Awards Night, I thought “I didn’t get any cards”. I was most pleased to find your card of congrats and comments in my Blues Project cubby in the lounge. I don’t check my cubby very often,as you can see.

    Anyway, many thanks, John, for your kind words. I’m glad I come to mind when you listen to jazz. I got a good chuckle about the forms comment. I’ll be turning 71 this coming July. Don’t know about the next 30, but I’ll try to keep going until I drop. It’s in the blood.

    What a project you are doing! It must be quite a journey to trace your parent’s footsteps like that. I’m sure that God is blessing you every step along the way.

    Anytime your in the neighborhood, let me know. I’d like to see you again.

    God bless and best regards


    • Glad you got the card, Wayne. Will be in Kingston later this summer (part of my research) and will let you know.


  3. Hi. I googled Dr Hugh MacMillan looking for more biographical information and found your site. I see you’re writing a book on your grandfather.
    If this helps in any way (and it might not, since it’s all in mandarin and you probably have more information on your grandfather than this does, but just in case…) I just saw a short documentary on him and found the same one on YouTube.

    His story moved me very deeply and I’m filled with gratitude.

    • Alice:
      Yes, I am working on a book on my grandfather, Dr. Hugh MacMillan (Beng Iu Tek).

      In looking at my site today, however, it appears that someone has hacked my Website URL. I will hope to restore it to another site at some point.

      In the meantime, thanks for your comment and I hope to keep in touch.

      John MacMillan

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