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The # 27: Yann Martel


Yann Martel’s age when he wins the Booker Prize for “Life of Pi”


The # 27: Sonny Bono


Sonny Bono’s age when he splits with Cher

Why the number 27?

Some years ago I began to notice how many famous people seemed to die at age 27. Then I started to see how many lives were changed or established when they hit that catalytic age. The number began to show itself in history, news stories and physics. The cube root of 3, “the world of three times nine”, the magic number. This is a list, in no particular order, of the times, places and situations where this ubiquitous number presents itself to the eyes that notice.

The # 27: Nixon Impeached

Numbers of votes cast in favour of impeachment of Richard Nixon by the House Judiciary Committee (August, 1974).

Committee Chair Peter Rodino cast one of the favourable votes.

The # 27: Paul Newman

Age at which Paul Newman meets Joanne Woodward while both are rehearsing for “Picnic” on Broadway.

This was noted in the obituaries after Newman’s death on Sept 27, 2008.

The # 27: Nelson Mandela

Years that Nelson Mandela was incarcerated on Robben Island.

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